Our Projects


What are the latest projects of BANJANS IT Computers?


At BANJANS IT Computers, we have completed Switched on Projects!


BANJAN’S IT Computers has several years’ experience on an number of current projects happening on a daily and weekly basis. Some of these projects are ongoing, some are completed and some are requested at specific times of the year; for example, a construction company on behalf of a school has requested our services for installing/moving or adding new technology equipment in a classroom that has been rebuilt.


We at BANJANS IT Computers are always open to new contracts, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months on permanent or partime basis local in NSW, interstate and overseas roles.


Some of these projects carried out by us, are:


DEPTARMENT OF EDUCATION – Sydney, Rural and South Coast locations

  1. IWB (Interative White Board) Panasonic, Sanyo, Dell – project installations, warranty and replacements
  2. School Rollouts of Lenovo computers
  3. Setting up networks and networking equipment



  1. Lexmark Service/Warranty and Repair
  2. HP FOX: Desktop/Laptop/All in One – Service and warranty
  3. HP Photo Lab Printer Support/Project – Service and Warranty
  4. Toshiba TEC Australia – Service and Warranty
  5. Telstra/BigPond Premium Support – Onsite – NBN/ADSL2+/Cable/TBox/THub and IT Support
  6. Panasonic Smart Board Project/Warranty
  7. Flight Centre Project/Warranty
  8. RTA Service/Services - Support/Project work
  9. Kodak Service/Support/Project


Ploy Australia Melbourne - Regional/South Coast NSW It Contract

  1. HP Rollout IT Technology
  2. HP Rollout Large & Small Format Mono & Colour Printers


Install & Fix Solutions Queensland - Regional NSW IT Contract

  1. Dick Smith Warranty work all size TV
  2. Dick Smith Installation TV/Entertainment Technology
  3. Tempo Warranty work all size TV


Local Southern Highlands Businesses

  • Motel setup & installation - LAN Network, WiFi internally and externally
  • Small Business setup & installation - Computers, Networking, Printers Etc
  • POS setup & installation - POS, Printers, Cash Draw, Scale Etc
  • Small Business - Ceiling mounted WiFi and LAN configuration Setup


Small, Large and Corporate Business Projects – Sydney and Rural NSW

  1. Installing servers, configuration of network users and software
  2. Installing work stations and configuration to servers
  3. Installing and setup of networks including switches and routers.