Data Recovery

Computer not turning on or Hard Drive clicking or crashed?

At BANJANS IT Computers, we have you covered with our Switched on Data Recovery Service!


Lets Consider The Following

Even though hard drives are built to last and withstand a lot of things, crashes are something that hard drives do not handle well. Although data loss is something expected; No matter how big the process you build a hard drive not to fail, failure is bound to happen one day.


If this happens, and you lose all your data, you should never try to fix the hard drive yourself unless you know exactly what to do. At this stage, the professional services of data recovery are not just a luxury – it is a job that should be left to a professionals that they have knowledge, because the data recovery process is time consuming and requires both tools, expensive software and a clean working environment.


This is were BANJAN’S IT can help you with your Windows or Mac hard drive that:

data recovery

A. has crashed (data completely lost by a format, storm damage or deleted)

B. has become corrupted (the OS wont start because of an error, virus, damage, or loss of data)

C. has failed/failing (due to electronic board failure or the hard drive making clicking noises)

Why should You use us?

  • BANJAN’S IT Computers has been recovering data from hard drives for the past several years with both Windows and Mac and has 98% success rate.
  • BANJAN’S IT Computers data recovery is carried out with the latest software technology and the right tools  to get YOUR data back.
  • BANJAN’S IT Computers prices are competitively priced that will save you money.
  • BANJAN’S IT Computers also supply a copy of your recovered data on a DVD disc (4.7 or 8.5), Thumb drive (4GB to 128GB) and a external hard drive for those whom have large data that needs to be recovered.
  • BANJAN’S IT Computers can also transfer your data at a reasonable cost from either your old Windows PC or Apple computer to your new one.


Call our store today, for our Switched on Data Recovery Service, we can come to you at your home or office to assess your hard drive and give you an estimate quote!