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We at BANJANS IT Computers believe trouble-shooting your computer problems that you may be facing on a day to day basis, especially if you get updates or an failed update issue, can be simply resolved by youself.


Alot of problems can be resolved or found on the internet by going to Google's home page and type the problem you are having in the search bar and view the search resuts to that problem with links on how to fix them. Keep in mind, some may help and some may cause futher issues if you are not complely computer savy.


One way to solve your computer problems is to take your computer to someoe like us at BANJANS IT Computers, were we can look at your computer for a small fee and then give you a quote to repair it for you.


So we at BANJANS IT Computers have supplied some links below that may help you to resolve some issues yourself. If you are successful and this page has helped, please send us email and tell us about it or email us a review taht we can put at the bottom of this page to let other users know that this page helps.



With some of the issues Microsft is facing with Windows 10, here is a lnk to the page that may help you to resolve some of those Windows 10 problems: WINDOWS 10


How to fix some Windows 10 Update errors: Fix Windows Update Issues


HP Laptops Help with Windows 10: HP Support



With some of the issues Apple is facing with its current OS, here is a lnk to the page that may help you to resolve some of those Apple OS problems:


macOS High Sierra problems


Apple Download page for updates


Keep a Look out at this page for updates regarding Windows 10 and Apple OSX fixes and updates.