Non For Profit IT Services


Does your Non For Profit Organization need IT support and services?


At BANJAN'S IT Computers, we have you covered with our Switched on Non For Profit Service!


AT BANJAN'S IT Computers, our mission is to supply and support non for profit organizations with cost effective information and technology services. We understand that your organization is important to you, but you don't have the time to deal with it problems, servicing and looking for the right equipment to support your Non For Profit business. This where we at BANJAN'S IT Computers can help you, providing information technology services to non for profit organizations throughout Australia.




We offer the following Non For Profit Switched on Service.

Our area of services include but not limited to:
1. Computer Repairs and Services both to Windows and Apple Computers
2. Computer upgrades
3. Networking and troubleshooting internet issues
4. Supplying and installing Software for operating systems, Microsoft Office Products and Antivirus software.
5. New Desktop Computers
6. New Laptop computer
7. New Inkjet and laser printers
8. New Small Business servers
9. Networking products e.g. Modems, Switches etc
10. Providing Backup, maintenance schedules and plans


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