We at BANJANS IT Computers, strive to answer most questions asked by our customers regarding there computers and computer problems. To be honest, we dont know the answer to all computer problems that happened yesterday or today. But we can help you with solving your computer problems if you bring them to us or call us straight away, not after you have tried to fix them yourself and cause the problem to be worst than it was originally. Dont take us wrong, everyone makes mistakes, we all try to save money were we can as we are all human, we applaued people who try to fix things for themselves as it opens you up to a new dimension of learning, some are successful, its when it becomes broken to a point of no return and we cant fix it, that it becomes painful to the owner of the computer. We want you to keep using your technology without replacing if we can help you in that way, is that ok, as a fair opinion. We would like to think so, as we are here to help, serve and advise you to the best way we can.


Below are some questions we answered in the past with some of our frequent customers that have used us to help them with there problems:


Liquid spillage on a laptop Windows or Apple

Question: I have just spilt (water, coffee, tea, beer or wine) and it has switched itself off, is it safe to it back on to see if it still works?

Answer: we recommend that you would not do that, as it could cause more harm than good. We recomend that you take your laptop to us or your nearest computer repair store to have it looked at as soon as possible.


Antivirus need on a Apple or Windows computer

Question: Do I need a antivirus for my (Windows or Apple) computer, do they really get viruses and malware?

Answer: On all Windows computers, regardless if they a tablet, laptop and a desktop computer; I would say yes you do. On a Apple computer, for over 20 years I have never see a Apple computer infected by one. Do I as a Apple technician at BANJANS IT Computers use an Antivirus, YES.

On another note for all Windows and Apple computers, Malware/Spyware is on the increase. According to the latest statistics, up to 317 million malware/spyware and viruses was created last year. That means nearly 1 million threats were released each day. (See here for more information) We recomend protecting your Windows and Apple computer against all threats. Today you can get good antivirus protection from well known Antivirus companies like: Trend Micro, Avast, Norton and the alike to protect both your Apple and Windows computers. NOTE with a good antivirus like one of the ones we have recommended, we also believe you need a good Malware protection, to protect you from Malware/Spyware/Pop ups and keyloggers from a well know company that only specialise in these common threats - MALWAREBYTES. If you would like to know more information, call in and speak to one of qualified technicians to protect your Apple or Windows computer.


Backing up your Windows or Apple computer

Question: Do I really need to back up my (Windows or Apple) computer, and how often do I need to backup my data?

Answer: My answer has always been, How important is your data, like family photos etc are to you? With the increase in computer hacking, it is vital to every user to back there data up. If your dat is important to you, we recommend you back up your data, depending on your useage from daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. From one user to another or from one business to another, each user is different in the amount of time they use there computer and data stored to ther computer on a daily to monthly basis. Windows currently has its own backup program, but it can take up time, there is other software you can add to your Windows computer that you can purchase from a small to average cost to keep your data backed up and safe. APPLE on the other hand, with all the operating systems from 10.5 to the current OSX come free with a backup solution called "Time Machine." This solution supplied on all the platforms carry out a full backup along with daily backups.

If you are unsure how to backup your Windows or Apple computer, contact us today to help you with a solution that would be suit your needs.


Computer Maintenace Windows and Apple Computers

Question: How often do I need to get my computer(Windows or Apple) serviced or maintenance carried out, is it recommended?

Answer: We at BANJANS IT Computers, see on a regular basis the malfunction and failed computers. This is not always the customers fault. It has always been a lack of information to given to the customer when they first buy a computer. I have always said, if you own a car and you get it regulary service so should your computer to keep it operating at is was built to be used for. We recommend every 2 to 3 years to get your computer serviced or maintenace carried out on your computer, to check for heating issues, hard drive failure issues, bios updates and a general checkup of its overall running capacity. This can be carried out anytime you think the computer has not been fuctioning like it use to when you first purchased it.

If you are unsure how your Windows or Apple computer is functioning, call us today to schedule a check up today.


Getting updates

Question: How often should I get updates for my (Windows or Apple) computer?

Answer: We recommend updates to be applied to any computer once put out to be applied, because they often find faults, flaws in the security of the operating system. Companies like Microsoft and Apple dont put patches out to cause more problems, but to fix them. In late especially with Windows 10, some updates have caused the OS to crash etc, this is not always Microsoft fault. Updates can fail due to many reasons, some like conflicting Antivirus programs not updated or applied correctly, driver issues, 3rd party software etc. Software engineers at Microsoft and Apple can not predict a software failure for everything that maybe running on your computer as all software is unpredictable. Software is design for the inviroment that it is going to be used for, thats the challenge every day for people like us, Microsoft and Apple.